Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DJ Destruction | A Farewell

On or around April 15th, 2014, DJ Destruction, a member of the wormhole corporation Lazerhawks passed away. Lazerhawks CEO, Hidden Fremen, started a thread to inform the wormhole community of the loss of their friend and fellow wormhole resident.

According to DJ Destruction's character biography:

"R.I.P the original DJ "Craig" Destruction (1960-2014) - beloved husband, father, seaman, farmer and my friend."

Hidden Fremen and the Lazerhawks are organizing a memorial roam to commemorate Craig's life and to take time to enjoy Eve Online as a community in his honor. This event is scheduled for Friday 00:00 Eve Time (Thursday 20:00 EST, 19:00 CST, 17:00 PST), and will take place in known space. For more information about the memorial roam and if you and/or your alliance/corporation/community would like to participate to remember a fellow capsuleer, please contact Hidden Fremen.

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