Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Book of Rob | Chapter One

Recently, during an excavation on a small moon near Planet IX in the J205141 solar system, archaeologists discovered an assortment of documents preserved within what is appearing to be the remnants of some ancient space craft. The archaeologists have been unable to classify the origin of the wreckage, but are in agreement that the ship predates the rise of the Empires and seems to have "sleepless technology." Prominent language experts have been working to decipher the discovered manuscripts and have been able to translate what appears to be some religious texts related to the origin and collapse of the Eve Gate. 

Further study is in progress, but below is what is being called the "Book of Rob."

1 And it came to pass, as the Lord peered across New Eden, that he was displeased with the people.

2 And their eyes saw him not, and also their minds knew him not, for they had forgotten their Lord.

3 As he considered their nature, their Lord decided a punishment for his forsaken children.

4 He had led them to New Eden, a gate, a clear path to promised lands, but they forsake his name and forget his presence.

5 And Bob closed the path.

6 Darkness would be their punishment, and his children would suffer their own ignorance until they remembered the blessings of their Lord.

7 As the multitude of people across New Eden realized their fate, they began to fade into the darkness for many years.

8 Their strife and conflict arose from unrighteousness, and their punishment hardened their hearts.

9 They remembered their Lord, but blasphemed his name, for they could only see the loss and remembered not their blessings.

10 As the people began to unify against their Lord, Bob cast them out, transfigured their tongues, and divided their families.

11 Their union, once one, was now divided, becoming five nations.

12 Unable to commune, they left for other worlds, and all lost contact, and one nation traveled further than the rest.

13 And the fifth nation found the void, the home of their Lord.

14 Their Lord before them, they begged mercy upon them, and pledged devotion to him.

15 Bob was pleased with them, but demanded an offering of his followers.

16 The fifth nation gave up their souls to their Lord, in return he gave them immortality, to rest beside him.

17 With this new life, their nation was sent forth to explore New Eden.

18 And for an many years, the fifth nation explored the worlds, and watched the other four nations, their trials and tribulations.

19 A day arrived when their Lord called for them to share their glory and their knowledge with the four lost nations.

20 They gave them immortality in his name, but the nations forsake their Lord, yet again.

21 Bob was displeased, and placed rage in the hearts of the four nations, and the fifth he swept away, his children returned to the void.

22 And the nations waged an unending war, forgetting their Lord for a time.

23 As their Lord gazed upon his lost flock, he waited for their return home.


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