Friday, May 9, 2014

CSM9 Election | Proc’s Epilogue

559. This is the final number of the “Proc 4 CSM9” campaign. I went a tad quiet, outside my immediate friends, after the results were announced at Fanfest while waiting for this information. As I read that CCP Leeloo had released the raw data, I anxiously waited for an opportunity to learn how well or poorly I performed in this election, since I was in a location where I couldn't immediately pull the data.

When I finally saw the numbers, I’ll admit, I was disappointed.  I went into this campaign knowing that I had done a pretty solid job of upsetting a number of people in the game for various reasons, and it was part of the gameplay, also I tend to troll sometimes… When I put away that hat and invested time into running for CSM9, I hoped that I could prove that I was actually serious and that my goal was to serve the community. At the end of the day, I did accomplish this to some degree. For those that either couldn’t let go of previous interactions, personal dislike, corporate/alliance dislike, or simply didn’t want to vote for me for one reason or another, I regret that I was unable to convince you that I was sincere about earning your vote.

The following were the results of the Wormhole Five for CSM9:

Corbexx - 2897
Asayanami Dei - 1302
James Arget - 851
Proclus Diadochu - 559
Karen Galeo – 146

Corbexx was successful and was elected onto CSM9, with Asay coming in the 15th position in the election by 79 votes. This means we were less than 100 votes from electing two wormhole representatives this year. I have full confidence that Corbexx will do a good job this year on CSM9, and hopefully the wormhole community will enjoy some positive changes or positive non-changes.

As for CSMX, I’ll say that although I felt that I could have done better, I now have a better understanding of this process and this was an interesting learning experience. I’m not going to say that I plan to run for CSMX, but I’m not ruling it out. I’ll continue to support the wormhole community, my friends, and be involved in different aspects of the game.

Congratulations to those elected on CSM9, and best of luck as you guys work to help improve Eve Online.


  1. I do not know your past other than what came out during the campaign. Eve is a game but emotions are real. Healing that and asking people to invest their trust and future in you will simply take a bit longer than one campaign season.

    It is not so much redemption or renouncement as reaching a new balance where people know that the person who's door they need to knock on is always going to be the person that opens that public CSM door. It is not an easy balance but you are not a dumb guy.

    1. Thank you Sugar. I've had some great conversations with a variety of people since the election, and some were surprised I received the support I did manage, and some think that this year is a stepping stone for next year. I do agree and can appreciate that it will take more than this recent campaign to establish a new balance. Only time will tell what direction I take with this experience, but I do know that I will follow CSM9's activities and help where possible or asked. I feel very confident that members such as you, Corbexx, Mike, Ali, and others will do a great job this year and I'm excited to see what you guys accomplish.