Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Loot Piñatas and Pretty Pictures

Woke up this morning to a ping, "LOOT PINATA LOG IN LOG IN CAPS TO STEAL!" and "Need rev pilot NOW!"

Well, I thought to myself, "I'm pilot."

So, I log into comms and find out that a corporation SEGM Seal Cub Clubbing Club had allowed a tower to offline, and one of our glorious scouts, Ghenghis Kralj, discovered it. As our merry band of early birds began to muster a clean up crew, I came in and boarded the beautifully near-useless Revelation.

Aaannnnd began shooting things. After we popped the remaining internals, I aligned toward our home, Valhalla, and waited for our brethren to complete looting the drops from the Corporate Hangar and the remaining ships. I killed a Shuttle.

After we were about done, and I began to wake up a bit, I realized that we hadn't destroyed the Hardeners, Polymer Silos, and a couple Arrays at the top of the POS. I warped to the Planet, then realized the majesty that was their Shattered Planet!

After warping back, Thor tells the fleet that he found another offline POS. I warp the Revelation to her new home and left the fleet to enjoy some more loot/kills from the other POS. 

Special thanks to Segmentum Solar of Noir. Mercenary Group for leaving a Revelation floating in an offline tower for their alt corporation. 10/10

Christopher AET, I made this for you.

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