Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mordu's Legion

As Fanfest has ended, I want to capture something I am very excited about, regarding a couple future ships being introduced soon. Brought to us by Muryia Mordu of Mordu's Legion and formerly the Caldari Navy, three new ships will become available to the capsuleers of New Eden:

Mordu's Legion presents the Garmur Class Frigate.

Mordu's Legion presents the Orthus Class Cruiser. 

Mordu's Legion presents the Barghest Class Battleship.

Word from the bird is that these ships (as Caldari/Galente) will have bonuses to Scrams/Disruptors (Gallente) as well as Missile bonuses to velocity/range and possibly Shield-related bonuses (Caldari). I'd posit that the role bonuses will be Missile-related.

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