Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Diogenes Club | An Introduction

Hello Capsuleers,

My name is Proc, and I used to be the Casual Capsuleer, but after this adventure down the CSM9 campaign path and the continued growth and involvement with my community, I can't really call myself "casual". Honestly, not sure I ever could. That aside, I'm active and with this activity, I want to announce and roll out a new "thing".

With the help of some friends, and with the help and support of the wormhole community, a few of us are developing a new podcast. This new podcast will encompass many facets of various styles of gameplay and provide new content and listening opportunities to the Eve Online community. Some of the future ideas in the works:

Crossfire: New Eden - A show within The Diogenes Club Network that focuses on one-one debates between individuals willing to speak on various subjects. From opposing FC's discussing particular battles, ganks, and fights, to outspoken community members debating various topics throughout the community.

The Diogenes Club - The main show where the hosts discuss the wormhole community, upcoming changes, existing issues, known problems and work arounds, and the various ideas and content within the overall wormhole community. (Guests and Guest Hosts Welcome)

The Minister's Minutes - A "hard" News update of CCP - Community-related changes and issues, Alliance and Corporate changes/growth/mergers/collapses, notable fights/battles/evictions/attempts, and overall current events within the Wormhole community.

Pilots of the Void - This segment will allow a host to interview one-one various pilots, leaders, FC's, and content creators within the wormhole community. (Guests and Guest Hosts Welcome)

CSM9 Wormhole Update - This segment will allow for the wormhole CSM9 delegate to update the community with anything of note, with occasional staff discussion or QnA's.

With so much more potential. The above are a few of the segments that can/will comprise The Diogenes Club show. If you have an idea for a segment, which is wormhole related, or provides good SFW content for our Eve Community, and/or you'd like to join our staff, please eve-mail Proclus Diadochu to get involved. Thanks!

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