Sunday, February 22, 2015

CSMX | First Look and Thoughts | Wormhole Candidates

It's that time of the year, and although I've decided against running due to real world obligations and responsibilities, I've taken a keen interest in reviewing, monitoring, and tracking the progression of the CSMX Elections.

Remembering how excited I was last year to find a blog that mentioned my campaign and speculation during the election process, I will provide that to this year's candidates (although a couple won't be excited to read my articles).

The following is the introduction list for the CSMX candidates approved and running, along with a one source for all candidates and their associated threads, ingame information, interviews, and contact information:

One Source:

I'll start by talking about the wormhole candidates that are running, and my thoughts on their campaigns. The list is sorted by quality.

Corbexx: This fine candidate has served as the primary voice and representative of the wormhole community on CSM9, has led in countless discussions and meetings, hosted QnA's, townhalls, and developed many avenues for collecting and understanding community ideas and concerns over the last year. I've had the priviledge of campaigning with Corbexx last year and communicating with him over the last year in support of his CSM9 projects and efforts. His experience in wormholes is extensive and he is absolutely the most qualified candidate running to represent wormholes this year.

**Editor's Note: CivilWars is currently not listed as an approved candidate. I'm hoping that this may be similar to my delayed announcement last year. If he resigns, I'll update this article to reflect.**

CivilWars: Civil isn't running as a wormhole representative, however having flown against and with him and his allies over the last few years, I know very well his experience and knowledge of wormholes, PVP, SOV, playerbase, community, politics, and game mechanics. As with a couple others, please note that he hasn't committed to list himself as a wormhole candidate, but anyone looking to vote in CSMX candidates that know their stuff about wormholes, Civil is one of the guys you should know about.

Ariete: This candidate is a line member of Sleeper Social Club, a long standing contributor to the wormhole community. Having the opportunity to follow his campaign and field questions to him at the recent townhall debate, I can say that he seems to be quite a nice guy. That said, nice guy doesn't mean he's going to be a good wormhole representative and his campaign is trying very hard to align and support Corbexx as the #2 candidate for the prospective "wormhole seats" on CSMX. That said, I've shared my concern that he isn't bringing anything to the table that shows he will be a strong second for Corbexx and honestly I feel his involvement with the community and interactivity with the playerbase is too insignificant to really help him to be a viable candidate this year.

Asherothi: Ash is another one that has stated that he isn't running as a wormhole candidate. That said, he currently heads a corporation living in wormhole space and already has at least mild experience with the wormhole mechanics and gameplay. He is proposing a pretty long-winded scouting reform that he says will directly impact wormhole residents. I'll read it eventually, and provide a tl;dr for you all, but here it is if you are interested. Another one worth watching and seeing how his campaign flows.

Chance Ravinne: Wingspantt has become well known as a novelty and likes to see himself as partially a wormhole candidate. I've yet to really dig into his campaign, but my first impression is that he's humorous and has a pretty good attitude. That said, I think his campaign may be riding the relative fame he's achieved and I'd be concerned with burnout and idling a seat similar to other past CSM delegates. I'll write more on his campaign after I get involved in dialogue with this candidate.

Angrod Losshelin: Angrod is the host of Praise Bob podcast, something I've enjoyed listening to in the past, however I will state very clearly that his polarizing approach to his campaign regarding multiboxing has led to me omitting him from consideration for CSMX. Honestly, his campaign is more like a rant about multiboxing and he has narrowed his scope and advocacy to exclude many wormholers and players who want a more level-headed and approachable CSM that is willing to discuss with the playerbase.

Thoric Frosthammer: This candidate is leadership for LAWN, member of the CFC, however this candidate has spent time in wormholes and likely could speak to the mechanics and have a basic understanding, so I'd encourage players to field wormhole questions and see his answers. I'll be providing a list of questions to each "wormhole candidate" (term is wildly loose this year) directly and link the responses to help provide a baseline of experience for our player community.

Bane Cortex: This participant is an absolutely woodwork candidate. I had never met or heard from him prior to announcing his candidacy, despite my close interaction and friendship with the alliance leader of his "notable" wormhole group, Ragnarok. After speaking with some friends, I've learned that this player is a pretty nice guy and really trying his best in this campaign. That said, I don't think he has the experience to run for CSM, much less the activity and experience to represent the wormhole community.

Hopefully this "first look" provides an initial direction for wormhole players interested in knowing what candidates to take a look at off the bat. Like I've stated, some of these candidates are not running as wormhole candidates, but have wormhole experience. Note that I may change my opinion of these candidates as the campaigns continue, but this is my first look and thoughts of the wormhole-experienced players running for CSMX. Cheers!

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