Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Throwback Tuesday | Streamer Slaughterings of the Olden Days

So, while perusing Reddit today, I noticed that a small group of wormhole players used some out of game antics to yield killmails. The following was the OP's story:

We found a Navy Issue Raven ratting in a C3, so we formed up a little gang to relieve him of his ship. As luck would have it, he logged out just as we formed the gang on his High Sec entrance. While debating what we should we do, a Retriever (of the same corp) warped to the High Sec, seeing our gang sitting on the hole. 
Feeling a bit creative, I managed to track down their teamspeak server, and joined the channel that the Retriever pilot was in. He knew we had a HIC and my Proteus inside their hole. I started chatting them up, asking about what was going on. Once they filled me in, I explained to them how I "thought" HICS worked. "If you jump the retriever in, and align to the POS then hit warp, the bubble won't affect you". 
This bit of information emboldened our poor Retriever pilot to jump into the wormhole, align to his POS, and try as hard as he could to warp to it. An Onyx bubble, and my Proteus would be his downfall. And this is why you don't let strangers into your TeamSpeak, nor heed the words they tell you.   
TLDR: Joined a Teamspeak server, talked a pilot into jumping into a hole I was camping, blew up his ship.              
-  T'Alana Ferri of Stryker Industries 

His Reddit thread linked to the Retriever kill: https://zkillboard.com/kill/42203785/ and while looking at the kill, I noticed the corporation: 


Well, isn't that a nice nostalgic surprise, as NEMESIS INC were the same guys we had messed with just over a year ago. When we had our day/s with them, they were dabbling with LIVE streaming on Twitch.

Basically, what had happened was that a day earlier we had seen some old friends streaming sites as they were running them in a wormhole connected to their home. We were watching the stream and chatting with them on Twitch and in game, as we heard from one of the Obstergo directors that he stumbled across the hole they were running sites, roughly four or five jumps through a chain.

We played it cool, and formed up, while watching them enjoying their sites, and I continued to chat with them. Once ready we ran down the chain, with intent on killing their Moros. Well, suffice it to say "Op Success" as we killed the Moros and watched ourselves on Twitch as we did it. If you'd like to enjoy that video, I'd encourage you to start around 34 minutes in to see them having fun right before we had fun:

http://www.twitch.tv/nedjasons/c/2598684 (Gank is around 35 minutes.)

Leading to this Moros casualty: https://zkillboard.com/kill/32011870/
...and his pod (never forget): https://zkillboard.com/kill/32011881/

At this point, we were talking to Bitten. leadership about bringing Obstergo into their alliance, and had been chatting with some of their members about our recent Twitch gank. They were excited about doing it aswell, so the hunt for the next target began, leading to us finding a corp, NEMESIS INC, streaming themselves running sites with Tengus.


The stream of our gank used to reside at the above link, however the streamer has since removed the wonderful content that was generated by his stream. However, we do have a screanshot and the killmails to remember the fun event:


...and this was his face at the moment we arrived: http://i.gyazo.com/88aeff4836e55b277254ff80751a02ef.png
The "meme" was something he had smugly said about "if" he were to get ganked. However, this event didn't deter them, as shortly thereafter, we managed to farm these same streamers again for content and good times:


Unfortunately, we moved on to greener pastures, leaving the streamers to their thing, but we never forgot the great memories generated by the streaming community, who allowed us to make guest appearances on their respective shows.

Cheers and thanks to T'Alana for sparking the memories! </throwback_tuesday>

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