Thursday, June 12, 2014

Obstergo Closes Its Doors...

I suppose that I knew that this would eventually happen, after forming Obstergo almost three years ago. The last couple of years have been a roller coaster of excitment, boredom, adventure, and challenges. Corporations and Alliances rise and fall, and although many may not have been a fan of the Obstergo pilots or myself, I enjoyed the content, both good times and the bad times with all those we met, fought, and played Eve Online with over the last couple years.

Obstergo, A Brief History: Year One
The first year provided a ton of excitement, with our band of bros moving to w-space with Varion Galactic as the North burned and the Northern Coalition fell. We endured many of the issues that made wormholes a frontier, and enjoyed playing during a time of continuing discovery. It was a pioneering life and it was fun, but as many groups discover in wormholes, the lust for money overcomes some. This later led to the formation of Obstergo, a group of PVPers that were uninterested in the site running agenda of our alliance. This all inevitably led to my favorite event in the game, and my best titled post... ever :)

Diplos, Narwhals, Soldiers, Spy
Year Two was the year we enjoyed the wormhole political arena. Say what you will, but wormholes have a ton of politics, rules, and diplomacy. In the second year, Obstergo grew to near 150 members, which was the height of our membership. Before and since then, we idled around 100 members (less players). Anyhow, we had great fun playing in the meta with Hathrul, Chitsa, Max, Ayeson, Hidden, Star, James, and the others. As the second year was closing, we formed Red Coat Conspiracy, opened the Diogenes Club, and became the classiest group in New Eden (with CCP even gifting our Red Coats to the whole of Eve that Christmas, not a conspiracy).

Obstergo, A Brief History: Year Two
With that, we are well into Year Three, much has happened and RCC has sorta survived. The Red Coats recently separated with Daktaklakpak and Big Johnson's and Obstergo have negotiated a merger. I had recently stepped away from the game due to some obligations out of game, but was told by my friend, Thor667, that the Obstergo members would be merging into Big Johnson's corporation directly. This was not the best news I've ever received, but I'm glad that my friends are continuing with their community.

And that is it for now. Obstergo has closed its doors. Thanks for the fun, and best wishes to everyone as they continue their gameplay in Eve Online. Cheers and goodbye for now...


  1. After the obligatory moment of silence, I now have to ask: when are you going to be back in game, Proc?

    1. Not sure, Karen. Basically, I'll just have to see what happens :) I'll keep ya posted.