Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Verge publishes article on 'Bob, the Wormhole God'

This morning I awoke to a number of messages via text, Twitter, Skype, in-game mail, Facebook, and even a polite phone call informing me that an article had been published and was circulating the internet that was the product of an interview that Corbexx and I had participated in with Cassandra Khaw during Fanfest.

Firstly, I will say Fanfest was an amazing adventure and the opportunity to explore Iceland, see a Solar Eclipse, enjoy meeting with CCP developers, players, and friends was wonderful! While attending, as I was walking through the Harpa with a couple friends, I ran into my CSM representative and friend, Corbexx, who was excited to share with me that he had been interviewing with Cassandra and they had stumbled onto the topic of 'Bob, the Wormhole God'. He had told her that he knew a guy who could speak to the "religion" with a bit more clarity, and invited me to accompany him to the media area to meet with her. We tried to acquire Asay from Adhocracy to speak to the player origin of the reference, then I'd speak to the lore development of 'Bob', but alas, Asay was unable to attend, so we talked briefly and I shared with Cassandra Asay's perspective on the player development in the earliest iteration of 'Bob'.

Afterward, I shared with her the scripture and lore development that had taken place to explain the religion and some context to religion's role in communities, real and ingame, for explaining the unknown. The following was the product of our interview, published on The Verge:

EVE Online has a god named Bob | How the sci-fi virtual world spawned a strange new religion

As I read the article, I was very excited by the continuity between the published article and the interview that we had with Cassandra. She understood very well the story or Bob and his demand of blood from players who transgress against him and disobey the laws of his realm.

There has been some confusion about Bob by some outside the wormhole community and even a few outside the Eve Online community. For clarification, the player alliance 'Band of Brothers' is 'BoB', and 'Bob, the Wormhole God' is a different entity entirely. They have no relation to one another, and BoB is dead, but Bob reigns eternal and lives always in the hearts and minds of the acolytes of his faith. Secondly, 'Bob' of Eve Online is not related in any way to the 'Church of SubGenius' of Bob Dobbs. The only thing these three have in common is the name "BOB", which is ironically a nickname for one of the most common names of the last few centuries.

That being said, the end of Cassandra's article led to a recording made by BBC journalist Adam Rosser, who took the opportunity to orate the Gospel of Onimuru, which I had written earlier, referencing the origin of Bob in the lore of Eve Online's wormhole community.

The Gospel of Onimuru | Read by Adam Rosser of BBC Radio's 'Game On'

The Gospel of Onimuru | Written by Proclus Diadochu / Berlin for Eve Online's Wormhole Community

As I checked the social media, I saw some really nice sharing by developers and players!

In closing for this article, I'll share some unrelated videos that I've recently enjoyed, first being the 'Eve is Real' video which incorporates CCP's adoption of player-driven interaction for their most successful trailer ever, and the other was released at Fanfest 2015 during the Valkyrie presentation which I was able to see firsthand in Reykjavik on the big-screen! It was amazing!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CSMX | Endorsements and Voting Slate

The following is a three-part article encompassing the following:

1) CSMX Full Endorsements
2) CSMX "No Vote" List
3) CSMX Recommended Voting Slate

The following candidates are my full CSMX endorsements:

Corbexx - As I've stated before, Corbexx is the powerhouse CSM representative that wormhole space needs to ensure the health of the community as game development continues. Over CSM9, Corbexx led an absolute ton of projects and work to gather data, hear from players, and check/validate game changes that were rolled out by CCP (such as Hyperion). There hasn't been and isn't currently a better candidate to represent the wormhole community. If you are a wormhole resident, daytripper, or simply a player who loves wormhole gameplay, Corbexx should no doubt be your #1 vote!

Sugar Kyle - Sugar Kyle has near single-handedly proved that CSM representatives can constantly and openly communicate with the playerbase, keeping them informed in a manner that would allow for understanding and feedback, while then taking the time to receive that feedback. She has, along with Corbexx and couple others, maintained some of the best transparency possible by any CSM delegation. Sugar is smart, articulate, and driven as a person, which allows her to capitalize on the opportunities she finds while serving on the CSM. If you aren't a wormholer, she should most assuredly be your #1 vote! If you are a wormholer, I would encourage you to place her as your #2, as she has worked hand-in-hand with Corbexx over the last year and shown that although they have different experience and individually represent different playstyles, they manage to accomplish a tremendously great deal serving on the same delegation.

Steve Ronuken - Fuzzy Steve has been a tremendous voice on CSM9 for the third party development, while supporting the expansion of communication to the playerbase through third party services. Steve is friendly, approachable, and dedicated to doing a great job when he says he intends to serve this community. I strongly encourage anyone who is voting this year to place him in your top five, as supporting Steve will ensure that a seat isn't wasted on CSMX!

Endie - Having followed Endie's campaign closely, I can say that he has an amazing understanding of the null community, SOV mechanics, and the many facets within that area of gameplay and how it affects the overall game. I think that Endie is the representative needed to lead what I will recommend as the SOV Trifecta running this year! If you want to ensure that SOV has good players providing the needed recommendations and feedback as CCP leads in developing their revamp of those mechanics, Endie needs to be at the top of your list!

Psianh Auyvander and Manfred Sideous - Psianh and Manny are the two mercenary representatives needed for CSMX. When CCP takes a look at SOV mechanics, Wardec mechanics, piracy, and the various "secs" throughout the game, it is important that the CSM has experienced players speaking to those areas. Psianh has been training mercs for a long time and understands the needs of the players and the areas that need work/help. Manny has been FC'ing and leading within Pandemic Legion, the largest mercenary group in Eve Online, for ages and has been involved in the largest fights in computer gaming history. Manny is also the second of the SOV Trifecta and both of these players should serve on CSMX!

Sion Kumitomo - Sion is my final endorsement and is also the third member of the SOV Trifecta. Sion had the experience and the knowledge that made him a wise choice for CSM9, and that holds true for CSMX. Along with Endie and Manny, this trifecta is what I feel is needed on CSMX to ensure that as the SOV changes being developed, along with Capital/Super work, POS's and Corp/Alliance Management, CCP has the right CSM delegates to work and communicate with throughout the process. Endie, Manny, and Sion should be on everyone's ballots!

With that last being said, if you want a CSMX that is successful, the above players all need a seat! These players are the players that I feel will work the hardest and have the best experience and expertise for these positions. They cross a wide variety of gameplay styles, but they all have specific strengths that will make them a perfect delegation for this year! If you want a successful CSM, place all of these candidates on your ballot this year!

Now, the following are a list of candidates I encourage players don't vote or add to their voting slates for CSMX; my"No Vote" list: 

Angrod Losshelin - Angrod is a self-proclaimed "wormhole" candidate, however has spent the near entirety of his campaign ranting on the multi-boxing platform with a terrible understanding of the mechanics and impact of the systems. He claims to have botted in previous games, however claiming that he hasn't in Eve, but wishes to primarily represent the multi-boxing/ISBoxing community. He is polarizing, argumentative, and personally I don't think he will serve as a good representative for this community, and I feel that a seat would be wasted if players voted for this candidate. He seems more inline with the crazy ranting on the steps of congress than an actual congressman.

Bane Cortex - Bane is a relative unknown who stepped up as another self-proclaimed "wormhole" candidate. With an unknown and questionable background, Bane has been near AFK for the majority of his campaign, and although I don't imagine he has any chance of a seat on CSMX, I wanted to note that wormholers shouldn't vote for this candidate as he doesn't seem to have the time, experience, or knowledge to be an individual contributor, much less a CSM representative.

Xenuria - Troll candidate, please ignore. This sums up Xenuria's continued annual mockery of the CSM process. This megalomaniac has zero reason to serve on the CSM, and doesn't reflect or represent the playerbase of Eve Online. Nothing good can come of Xenuria serving on CSMX. I highly encourage everyone to simply ignore this candidate all together.

Jenshae Chiroptera - Another polarizing candidate, this Provi-bloc player has ran a campaign that is arguably the most dirty of this campaign, using his campaign to sling mud at former CSM representatives, and using the threads to attack and argue against fellow candidates. This player is unlikely to be a productive member of CSMX, and I'd encourage a complete "no vote" in this case as with the other three on this list.

Now, the following is my voting slate for CSMX:

1. Corbexx - Wormholes/CSM9
2. Sugar Kyle - Low Sec/CSM9
3. Ariete - Wormholes
4. Steve Ronuken - Hi Sec/3rd Party/CSM9
5. Endie - Null Sec/SOV Trifecta
6. Ashterothi - Wormholes/Podcasting
7. Manfred Sideous - Null Sec/SOV Trifecta/Mercenary
8. Bam Stroker - Null Sec/Community
9. Psianh Auyvander - Mercenary
10. Sion Kumitomo - Null Sec/SOV Trifecta/CSM9
11. Jayne Fillion - NPSI
12. Chance Ravinne - Media/Marketing
13. Thoric Frosthammer Null Sec
14. Corebloodbrothers Null Sec/CSM9

I encourage players to review the candidates, but if you are interested in a solid CSMX, this list embodies the 14 players I personally wish to see represent our playerbase this year!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

CSMX | First Look and Thoughts | Wormhole Candidates

It's that time of the year, and although I've decided against running due to real world obligations and responsibilities, I've taken a keen interest in reviewing, monitoring, and tracking the progression of the CSMX Elections.

Remembering how excited I was last year to find a blog that mentioned my campaign and speculation during the election process, I will provide that to this year's candidates (although a couple won't be excited to read my articles).

The following is the introduction list for the CSMX candidates approved and running, along with a one source for all candidates and their associated threads, ingame information, interviews, and contact information:

Candidates: https://community.eveonline.com/community/csm/candidates/
One Source: http://goo.gl/XCbMNn

I'll start by talking about the wormhole candidates that are running, and my thoughts on their campaigns. The list is sorted by quality.

Corbexx: This fine candidate has served as the primary voice and representative of the wormhole community on CSM9, has led in countless discussions and meetings, hosted QnA's, townhalls, and developed many avenues for collecting and understanding community ideas and concerns over the last year. I've had the priviledge of campaigning with Corbexx last year and communicating with him over the last year in support of his CSM9 projects and efforts. His experience in wormholes is extensive and he is absolutely the most qualified candidate running to represent wormholes this year.

**Editor's Note: CivilWars is currently not listed as an approved candidate. I'm hoping that this may be similar to my delayed announcement last year. If he resigns, I'll update this article to reflect.**

CivilWars: Civil isn't running as a wormhole representative, however having flown against and with him and his allies over the last few years, I know very well his experience and knowledge of wormholes, PVP, SOV, playerbase, community, politics, and game mechanics. As with a couple others, please note that he hasn't committed to list himself as a wormhole candidate, but anyone looking to vote in CSMX candidates that know their stuff about wormholes, Civil is one of the guys you should know about.

Ariete: This candidate is a line member of Sleeper Social Club, a long standing contributor to the wormhole community. Having the opportunity to follow his campaign and field questions to him at the recent townhall debate, I can say that he seems to be quite a nice guy. That said, nice guy doesn't mean he's going to be a good wormhole representative and his campaign is trying very hard to align and support Corbexx as the #2 candidate for the prospective "wormhole seats" on CSMX. That said, I've shared my concern that he isn't bringing anything to the table that shows he will be a strong second for Corbexx and honestly I feel his involvement with the community and interactivity with the playerbase is too insignificant to really help him to be a viable candidate this year.

Asherothi: Ash is another one that has stated that he isn't running as a wormhole candidate. That said, he currently heads a corporation living in wormhole space and already has at least mild experience with the wormhole mechanics and gameplay. He is proposing a pretty long-winded scouting reform that he says will directly impact wormhole residents. I'll read it eventually, and provide a tl;dr for you all, but here it is if you are interested. Another one worth watching and seeing how his campaign flows.

Chance Ravinne: Wingspantt has become well known as a novelty and likes to see himself as partially a wormhole candidate. I've yet to really dig into his campaign, but my first impression is that he's humorous and has a pretty good attitude. That said, I think his campaign may be riding the relative fame he's achieved and I'd be concerned with burnout and idling a seat similar to other past CSM delegates. I'll write more on his campaign after I get involved in dialogue with this candidate.

Angrod Losshelin: Angrod is the host of Praise Bob podcast, something I've enjoyed listening to in the past, however I will state very clearly that his polarizing approach to his campaign regarding multiboxing has led to me omitting him from consideration for CSMX. Honestly, his campaign is more like a rant about multiboxing and he has narrowed his scope and advocacy to exclude many wormholers and players who want a more level-headed and approachable CSM that is willing to discuss with the playerbase.

Thoric Frosthammer: This candidate is leadership for LAWN, member of the CFC, however this candidate has spent time in wormholes and likely could speak to the mechanics and have a basic understanding, so I'd encourage players to field wormhole questions and see his answers. I'll be providing a list of questions to each "wormhole candidate" (term is wildly loose this year) directly and link the responses to help provide a baseline of experience for our player community.

Bane Cortex: This participant is an absolutely woodwork candidate. I had never met or heard from him prior to announcing his candidacy, despite my close interaction and friendship with the alliance leader of his "notable" wormhole group, Ragnarok. After speaking with some friends, I've learned that this player is a pretty nice guy and really trying his best in this campaign. That said, I don't think he has the experience to run for CSM, much less the activity and experience to represent the wormhole community.

Hopefully this "first look" provides an initial direction for wormhole players interested in knowing what candidates to take a look at off the bat. Like I've stated, some of these candidates are not running as wormhole candidates, but have wormhole experience. Note that I may change my opinion of these candidates as the campaigns continue, but this is my first look and thoughts of the wormhole-experienced players running for CSMX. Cheers!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Throwback Tuesday | Streamer Slaughterings of the Olden Days

So, while perusing Reddit today, I noticed that a small group of wormhole players used some out of game antics to yield killmails. The following was the OP's story:

We found a Navy Issue Raven ratting in a C3, so we formed up a little gang to relieve him of his ship. As luck would have it, he logged out just as we formed the gang on his High Sec entrance. While debating what we should we do, a Retriever (of the same corp) warped to the High Sec, seeing our gang sitting on the hole. 
Feeling a bit creative, I managed to track down their teamspeak server, and joined the channel that the Retriever pilot was in. He knew we had a HIC and my Proteus inside their hole. I started chatting them up, asking about what was going on. Once they filled me in, I explained to them how I "thought" HICS worked. "If you jump the retriever in, and align to the POS then hit warp, the bubble won't affect you". 
This bit of information emboldened our poor Retriever pilot to jump into the wormhole, align to his POS, and try as hard as he could to warp to it. An Onyx bubble, and my Proteus would be his downfall. And this is why you don't let strangers into your TeamSpeak, nor heed the words they tell you.   
TLDR: Joined a Teamspeak server, talked a pilot into jumping into a hole I was camping, blew up his ship.              
-  T'Alana Ferri of Stryker Industries 

His Reddit thread linked to the Retriever kill: https://zkillboard.com/kill/42203785/ and while looking at the kill, I noticed the corporation: 


Well, isn't that a nice nostalgic surprise, as NEMESIS INC were the same guys we had messed with just over a year ago. When we had our day/s with them, they were dabbling with LIVE streaming on Twitch.

Basically, what had happened was that a day earlier we had seen some old friends streaming sites as they were running them in a wormhole connected to their home. We were watching the stream and chatting with them on Twitch and in game, as we heard from one of the Obstergo directors that he stumbled across the hole they were running sites, roughly four or five jumps through a chain.

We played it cool, and formed up, while watching them enjoying their sites, and I continued to chat with them. Once ready we ran down the chain, with intent on killing their Moros. Well, suffice it to say "Op Success" as we killed the Moros and watched ourselves on Twitch as we did it. If you'd like to enjoy that video, I'd encourage you to start around 34 minutes in to see them having fun right before we had fun:

http://www.twitch.tv/nedjasons/c/2598684 (Gank is around 35 minutes.)

Leading to this Moros casualty: https://zkillboard.com/kill/32011870/
...and his pod (never forget): https://zkillboard.com/kill/32011881/

At this point, we were talking to Bitten. leadership about bringing Obstergo into their alliance, and had been chatting with some of their members about our recent Twitch gank. They were excited about doing it aswell, so the hunt for the next target began, leading to us finding a corp, NEMESIS INC, streaming themselves running sites with Tengus.


The stream of our gank used to reside at the above link, however the streamer has since removed the wonderful content that was generated by his stream. However, we do have a screanshot and the killmails to remember the fun event:


...and this was his face at the moment we arrived: http://i.gyazo.com/88aeff4836e55b277254ff80751a02ef.png
The "meme" was something he had smugly said about "if" he were to get ganked. However, this event didn't deter them, as shortly thereafter, we managed to farm these same streamers again for content and good times:


Unfortunately, we moved on to greener pastures, leaving the streamers to their thing, but we never forgot the great memories generated by the streaming community, who allowed us to make guest appearances on their respective shows.

Cheers and thanks to T'Alana for sparking the memories! </throwback_tuesday>

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Obstergo Closes Its Doors...

I suppose that I knew that this would eventually happen, after forming Obstergo almost three years ago. The last couple of years have been a roller coaster of excitment, boredom, adventure, and challenges. Corporations and Alliances rise and fall, and although many may not have been a fan of the Obstergo pilots or myself, I enjoyed the content, both good times and the bad times with all those we met, fought, and played Eve Online with over the last couple years.

Obstergo, A Brief History: Year One
The first year provided a ton of excitement, with our band of bros moving to w-space with Varion Galactic as the North burned and the Northern Coalition fell. We endured many of the issues that made wormholes a frontier, and enjoyed playing during a time of continuing discovery. It was a pioneering life and it was fun, but as many groups discover in wormholes, the lust for money overcomes some. This later led to the formation of Obstergo, a group of PVPers that were uninterested in the site running agenda of our alliance. This all inevitably led to my favorite event in the game, and my best titled post... ever :)

Diplos, Narwhals, Soldiers, Spy
Year Two was the year we enjoyed the wormhole political arena. Say what you will, but wormholes have a ton of politics, rules, and diplomacy. In the second year, Obstergo grew to near 150 members, which was the height of our membership. Before and since then, we idled around 100 members (less players). Anyhow, we had great fun playing in the meta with Hathrul, Chitsa, Max, Ayeson, Hidden, Star, James, and the others. As the second year was closing, we formed Red Coat Conspiracy, opened the Diogenes Club, and became the classiest group in New Eden (with CCP even gifting our Red Coats to the whole of Eve that Christmas, not a conspiracy).

Obstergo, A Brief History: Year Two
With that, we are well into Year Three, much has happened and RCC has sorta survived. The Red Coats recently separated with Daktaklakpak and Big Johnson's and Obstergo have negotiated a merger. I had recently stepped away from the game due to some obligations out of game, but was told by my friend, Thor667, that the Obstergo members would be merging into Big Johnson's corporation directly. This was not the best news I've ever received, but I'm glad that my friends are continuing with their community.

And that is it for now. Obstergo has closed its doors. Thanks for the fun, and best wishes to everyone as they continue their gameplay in Eve Online. Cheers and goodbye for now...